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Eco-Sens : produce better to eat better

Environment, soil, plants, animals and humans, we are all connected. By improving the health of individuals we act on everything and everyone else. You can use the One Health concept in your company with the help of Eco-Sens.
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Produce better and eat better: expectations everyone shares

Consumer expectations have changed and now play an important role in the act of purchasing*

Several of these considerations echo the One Health concept; there are close links between human, animal and plant health and the general ecological status. So it is necessary to act at every level for global sustainable improvement in the health of our planet and all its living beings.

* according to a study published in June 2020 on consumer perceptions, preferences and behaviour concerning animal products (Stampa et al., 2020)

Why call upon Eco-Sens?

Customised support for your improvement projects

Eco-Sens was created to support companies which would like help in improving their practices in terms of the environment, animal health or product quality.

With improvement comes an obligation of results

Measurement is the cornerstone of Eco-Sens: to improve you have to know where you are starting from and what you want to achieve. It is also necessary to measure the effect of the practices put in place.

For this reason Eco-Sens is developing measuring systems that are simple, reliable, fast and affordable to validate the chosen improvement strategy.

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